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In welcoming the guests, we explain them the name of the facility and the names of the rooms, which are the result of a long and meticulous research, aimed at maintaining the traditions of the place unchanged over time. The name “Daa Maduneta” pays tribute to the district that hosts it. To welcome the guests is the original banner of the 70’s, raised by the boys of the district who were engaged in tournaments and summer challenges. Sesagra, Magnagra and Ruspara are the names of typical local grapes that produce fine local wines. Our aim is to ensure that guests can enjoy the beauty of the location, which can be admired from the building, located above the sea; that they can feel pampered in the well-kept rooms; and that they can feel part of the local history and culture.

The recently renovated building welcomes and satisfies its guests in a natural setting just 30 meters away from the historic center. It is located behind the Church of San Pietro and near the start of the 7A Corniglia/Manarola path, far enough from chaos and noise. The rooms are furnished with skilfully restored period furniture and the accessories are entirely hand made. All of this is combined with new technologies to guarantee comfort and energy savings, in the maximum respect of the environment.


Rooms & Suites

Modern fittings and furnishings are accented with a touch of Out of Africa,
creating the epitome of contemporary African elegance.

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  • Hiking:  from 7,5 € to 2 €
  • Train: from 16 €  to 14 €

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